Who Can Apply?

This programme is solely open to members of Cork City Public Participation Network (PPN) – we’re always open to new members, so visit www.corkcityppn.ie to find out how to register!

Members can submit up to 3 separate applications for different project proposals, but a maximum of 1 project per member may be selected for shortlisting.

What projects will be funded?

The projects selected will help further the aims set out in the Cork City PPN Wellbeing Statement, which identified 6 key areas of focus,

  1. Creating and Maintaining Inclusive Communities
  2. Promoting Cork’s Heritage (historic, cultural, artistic, or inter-generational)
  3. Encouraging Physical, Emotional, and Mental Health
  4. Getting People Involved in Local Government Decision-Making
  5. Making Cork City Welcoming and Safe for People and Wildlife
  6. Balancing Economic Development with Family-Life and Community Involvement

Projects must be delivered in 2019, with the grant recipients being in a position to report on spending by the end of September 2019.