Second Round Now Closed!

See the Results Below

A huge thank you to the groups that took part in the second round of Cork Voices and, of course, to everyone who logged on, viewed, voted, and shared! We are thrilled to say there was a total of 2049 votes, with a reach that extended to multiples of that via social media, word of mouth, snail mail, raven… you name it!

Below are the results and the amounts each group earned by participating in this little experiment in participatory grant making. Beyond the money though, we are so happy that this small project helped to shine a light on the great work being done by the everyday working heros of our vibrant city!

Thank you all for joining us on this whirlwind adventure!


Top Grant of €750

The votes are counted and the results are in! Cork has chosen the Cork Nature Network Otter Walk (549 votes, 26.8%) and Comhairle na nÓg Suicide Prevention Summer Event (404 votes, 19.7%) as the winners of the second round of Cork Voices.

Both groups will receive a grant of €750 to help them on their way to making their projects happen, and we wish them all the very best of luck! We can’t wait to see the fruits of their labours.

Second Tier Grant of €500

The 3rd and 4th placed projects were the Cork Cycling Campaign’s School Cycle Bus (371 votes, 18.1%) and the Mahon Family Centre’s Food Forever Project (318 votes, 15.5%). A grant of €500 will be received by each to help support these two vital projects.

Third Tier Grant of €400

Our 5th and 6th placed projects were the International Community Dynamics Direct Provision Workshops (254 votes, 124%) and Cork Gay Project’s Gay Older Gents Group (GOLD) (153 votes, 7.5%), each of which will receive a tidy €400 towards their projects.